The patented Pow'RBall Jacketed Soft Point bullet features a distinctively designed bullet cavity topped with a proprietary polymer ball. This fixes feeding problems in finicky pistols and controls expansion for deeper penetration, better weight retention and more consistent performance in soft tissue. Pow'RBall is a great choice for all of your semi-auto pistols or revolvers. - Consistent, reliable expansion. - Deeper soft tissue penetration. - Quicker recovery for follow-up shots. - Reduced Recoil. - High Velocity. Caliber: 45 GAP. Bullet Wt.: 165gr Pow'RBall. Velocity: 1075fps. Energy: 424ftlbs. Test Barrel Length: 4.0 Inches. 20 rounds per box. American Made. American Owned.
Product Details
Bullet Wt. 165gr Pow'RBall
Type Of Cartridge Handgun
Caliber 45 GAP
Purpose Self-Defense
Penetration Moderate
Corbon Line Pow'RBall
Subsonic No
Velocity/Energy 1075fps / 424ftlbs

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45 GAP 165gr Pow'RBall

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