CORBON began as a custom bullet-making company; we made bullets for hunters going to Africa to hunt the Big 5 with a handgun. CORBON's Bonded Core Soft Points are designed to retain their weight and stay together while crushing through heavy bone and tissue in large game. CORBON's Penetrator and Hard Cast loads are designed for very large, tough-skinned and heavy-boned animals. The Penetrator loads use a heavy, full jacket with a hard linotype core. The Hard Cast load is made from a hard linotype lead with a proven LBT nose design. These two loads cause a through-and-through hole, breaking even the heaviest bones. Our customers have taken large game such as Moose, Brown Bear and Cape Buffalo with our Hard Cast and Penetrator loads. Caliber: 500 S&W Magnum Bullet Wt.: 400gr CORBON Hunter SP Velocity: 1625fps Energy: 2346ftlbs Test Barrel Length: 8.375 Inches American Made. American Owned. 12-Round Boxes.
Product Details
Bullet Wt. 400gr JSP
Type Of Cartridge Handgun
Caliber 500 S&W Magnum
Purpose Hunting
Penetration Deep
Corbon Line Hunter
Subsonic No
Velocity/Energy 1625fps / 2346ftlbs

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500 S&W Magnum 400gr Hunter SP

  • Product Code: HT500SW400JSP-12
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  • $39.99

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