The 356 TSW (Team Smith and Wesson) was released by Smith & Wesson in 1995 as a pistol cartridge for use in International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) competition.  It has a longer and thicker walled case than the 9mm Luger. The 9mm Luger or 9x19mm as we all know it has a 19mm long cartridge case. The 356 TSW bullet is 9mm in diameter as well, but the case is nearly 21.6mm long, with greater thickness in the critical areas.  As such, the 356 TSW is rated by the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute (SAAMI) with a maximum average pressure of 50,000 PSI which is considerably higher than the 33,000 PSI of Standard 9mm Luger or the 38,500 PSI of 9mm Luger+P. Hence the longer case will prevent the chambering of the 356 TSW in standard 9mm Luger handguns, which are not engineered for this high pressure round. The 356 TSW was designed from the ground up to make IPSC Major power factor for competition use. S&W pistols based on their tried and true designs were chambered in 356 TSW and made available in limited numbers through the S&W Performance Center. These quickly sold out to competitors, to target shooters, and to some very smart self-defense advocates who recognized this cartridge as the ultimate high capacity, and high velocity choice, for a defensive handgun.


Around 1996 CorBon Ammunition recognized the potential of this round as a definitive high velocity self-defense handgun cartridge and introduced several high velocity Jacketed Hollow point loads for it. The 356 TSW enjoyed some brisk ammo sales for a while, but IPSC changed its rules and with the lack of regular production guns from S&W the 356 TSW quickly faded into obscurity. Many younger shooters today have not even heard of the 356 TSW. If mentioned in conversation they may say “oh you mean the 357 SIG?” but no, the 356 TSW was a high velocity cartridge that did not use a bottleneck case like the 357 SIG hence it has the higher magazine capacity of a 9mm. Since it’s the same overall length when loaded as regular 9mm ammo, the 356 TSW will fit and function in most all magazines made for 9mm Luger ammo.  Thus, a 9mm Luger sized handgun chambered in 356 TSW delivers 9mm capacity and 357 SIG performance.


Scott S., a gun enthusiast from Washington State has been a fan of the 356 TSW since its inception. He was determined to not let this great cartridge die and after some discussion with Claudio Salassa of Briley Manufacturing in late 2016 Scott contacted Peter Pi of CorBon Ammo and proposed a joint venture to return the 356 TSW to production by re-introducing a high velocity 115gr JHP at 1600fps. Peter Pi agreed with Scott that the 356 TSW was one of the all-time greats and deserved another chance in the market place. Pete Pi Jr. had to dig deep into its archives and find the old data and test equipment and get them out of moth balls. Scott contacted Robert Hayden Jr of Starline Brass and asked for a run of 356 TSW brass to be made. Starline had not made 356 TSW brass in many, many, moons but Robert agreed to make it again for us. Irv Stone Junior even helped us with our pressure test barrel and Scott got some support from his old friend Ian. All of the collaboration came together and testing was successful.


So, as of Oct 2017 CorBon will be bringing back the 356 TSW in all its former glory. The initial load will be a 115gr Jacketed Hollow point that averaged 1600+ Feet per Second from our 5” barreled test pistols, delivering over 650 Foot pounds of Energy at the muzzle, all within SAAMI pressure specifications. That my friend’s is 357 SIG energy from a cartridge that when combined with 9mm magazine capacity makes for a very powerful package.


Caliber: 356 TSW
Bullet Wt.: 115gr COR®BON Self-Defense JHP
Velocity: 1600fps                            Velocity: 1500fps
Energy: 650ftlbs                               Energy:  575ftlbs
Test Barrel Length: 5.0 Inches         Test Barrel Length: 3.5 Inches 
20 rounds per box.



Product Details
Bullet Wt. 115gr JHP
Type Of Cartridge HANDGUN
Caliber 356 TSW
Penetration MODERATE
Corbon Line JHP
Subsonic NO
Velocity/Energy 1600FPS/650FTLBS

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356 TSW 115gr JHP 20 Round Box

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