• 223 Rem 55gr  Urban Response JHP - 20 Round Box

Urban Response Overview

COR®BON’s Urban Response® is the ideal self-defense rifle load for CQB-close quarter battle, urban environments such as subdivisions, apartment complexes, and mobile home parks. This is a rifle load that offers instant stopping power without over-penetration.

Bullet Anatomy

Urban Response ® is crafted with the finest quality components, including match-quality Lapua brass. The bullets are designed with a thin jacket and a soft lead core, making it an extremely accurate and consistent load. With a velocity of 2900fps/Energy 1027 ft/lbs, it is compatible with all AR-15/M-4 rifles with either the 223 Rem or 5.56 NATO Chamber. This bullet does not expand in the traditional sense, but fragments to minimize over penetration in urban environments. 

Caliber: 223 Rem/5.56 NATO
Velocity: 2900fps
Energy: 1027ftlbs
Test Barrel Length: 16.0 Inches
20 rounds per box.
American Made.
American Owned.

Product Details
Bullet Wt. 55gr Urban Response
Type Of Cartridge Rifle
Caliber 223 Rem
Purpose Self-Defense
Penetration Low
Corbon Line Urban Response
Subsonic No
Velocity/Energy 2900fps / 1027ftlbs

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223 Rem 55gr Urban Response JHP - 20 Round Box

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