DPX Overview

COR®BON’s DPX® Handgun ammunition exhibits superior performance to all other defensive ammunition on the market. The reason is the homogenous solid copper projectile. “Barrier blind” is the new terminology for ammunition that outstandingly performs after penetrating a heavy barrier like auto glass or steel. DPX® is the only ammunition that maintains 100% of its weight after going through such barriers.

Lead Free Restrictions?:
All DPX bullets are also certified lead free and can be used in California.

Bullet Anatomy

The DPX bullet is 100% solid copper bullet.   Internal serration cuts have been added instead of traditional external serrations. These internal serration cuts allow the copper bullet to fully expand making the bullet double diameter with 6 razor sharp pedals.

Penetration Testing Results

The research and development team at COR®BON used the protocol from the FBI's testing procedures to formulate the DPX® defensive line of ammunition. They achieved soft tissue penetration of 12”-18”, with reliable and consistent expansion. The recovered bullets retained 100% of the original size and weight when recovered from the test medium of 10% ballistic gelatin and shot through four layers of 10oz denim barrier. The permanent crush cavity is also considerably larger than that of a typical JHP.

Caliber: 9mm Luger
Bullet Wt.: 95gr DPX
Velocity: 1300fps
Energy: 356ftlbs
Test Barrel Length: 3.1 Inches
20 rounds per box.

American Made.
American Owned.

Product Details
Bullet Wt. 95gr DPX
Type Of Cartridge Handgun
Caliber 9mm Luger
Purpose Self-Defense
Penetration Deep
Corbon Line DPX
Subsonic No
Velocity/Energy 1300fps / 357ftlbs

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9mm Luger 95gr DPX

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